History of Madresha Aaysha Siddiqa

  1. With the aim of spreading Islamic teachings among Muslim girls & to strengthen their extra curriculum, the Unique Education & Charitable Trust was founded in 2009.
  2. In 2011 Madrasa Aaisha Siddiqa was founded under this trust.
  3. Earlier courses available was Najra course. From second year onwards Aalima course was started with 100 students participation.
  4. Around 750 Muslim girls aspirnts are studding in our institution
  5. Till now, 35 girls in Aalima class, 23 girls in Fazila class, 13 girls Kariya class & more than 300 girls in Najra class have completed their course and were awarded certificate.


Madresa-e-Aaisha Siddiqa to be known for its quality Islamic Education for girls.


Madresa-e-Aaisha Siddiqa, having diverse population and tradition of quality education in girls students; is to ensure that each muslim girl achieve optimal "DINI" education and develop personal potential under Dini environment, which builts a strong foundation for life long learning; utilizing best Islamic practices to engage each girl student in Quran recitation and Hadith fostering partnerships with families, community and society.


Veraval Branch


Ajmeri colony,
Veraval - Gujarat - 362 265

Govindpara Branch


Veraval Talala Road,
Behind Patni Jamat Office, Govindpara - 362 267.